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Everyone loves a cocktail... but it can be a minefield out there! With so much choice, so many twists, turns and zany variations sometimes it's hard to know what to order... and what you're going to get. Luckily, we believe part of delivering outstanding drinks is helping de-fuddle confused drinkers, and establishing the best drink for the job-at-hand. Enter: the Cock & Tail Masterclass.

Devised to be equal parts entertaining and informative... and 100% drinkable, the C&T Masterclass is an interactive group cocktail making session hosted by our talented and knowledgeable bar tenders.

• Learn to make 2 classic cocktails
• Minimum of 4 people per masterclass
• Includes 3 drinks per person (you'll make 1 and have 2 made for you)
• Typical run-time of 45 - 90 mins depending on group size
• £39 per-head

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